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mayo 29, 2014

Anne Pikkov – Mónika Egri: Curse Criers

Beyond the Seas, International Fairytale Project in Hungary
El Proyecto Internacional de Cuentos Allende Los Mares, Hungría
Translation made by Luca Szabó

There’s no way of knowing when the stories about them started. The meadow whispered them, the leaves on the trees murmured them, the sky thundered them, the bell tolled them. All signs were blurry, everyone heard only wafts, or saw only a shadow. But they were all quite sure that there was something in the woods.
At daytime, gloom covered the thousand-year-old, mossed trees, and as night came, whirling fog started to billow from the depths of the cave. It floated silently, slowly, and it drew strange figures in front of the moon.
Most villagers never ventured near the forest, and if they did, they made the sign of the cross, and they put their best foot forward.
“I’m telling you we should chop down all the trees and burn them. Then we would find out what lives in that forest,” said Goodwine, the old woodworker in the tavern.
“Wouldn’t you be sorry for that much nice wood? How many cupboards and beds could be made with it!” the bootmaker joked. He was as afraid as anybody. So much that his thick moustache was shuddering.
“No, I wouldn’t if that’s what it gets us rid of… them,” but he didn’t finish the sentence. Instead, he gulped down another strong shot.
“This is a cursed forest, even though they say that in that cave there’s a treasure…”
“Who says that?” the landlady leaned closer. “I don’t know anyone who would have ventured as far as thirty feet from the edge of the forest. And no one has ever set foot in that cave, not since I was born. And I was born a good long time ago, and, believe me, I know everyone in this village. Noone would risk being captured by the curse criers, nor having their life soured.”

Ilustration made by estonian artist, Anne Pikkov

Ilustration made by estonian artist, Anne Pikkov

“Hush now, woman,” the landlord scolded his wife. “Don’t you dare to say their name here! This is a sacred spot. The tavern is a sacred spot, just ask anybody. Even the priest buys the wine for the mass from us. It is so, isn’t it, lads?

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diciembre 23, 2012

Os deseo una Feliz Navidad llena de alegría, paz y amor con la ilustración de Mónika Egri, ilustradora húngara!

Ilustración de Mónika Egri

Ilustración de Mónika Egri

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