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junio 9, 2014

Robert Romanowicz – Péter Nyulász: PiRocchio

El Proyecto Internacional de Cuentos Allende Los Mares
Translated by Luca Szabó

The boys put their soldiers – no, not on the shelf where they belonged. What an idea! No, they put them on the battlefield.
They rolled up the carpet in the living room, they emptied the big basket of blocks and two sets of dominoes, and then pushed the armchairs to the walls. They built a blindage, a tower, some bunkers, and soon the two sides took their places: the good and the evil.
One of the boys is called Ben. Well, he really is Leslie, but that’s his father’s name, too, so they only call him that at school, and at home, the family uses his second name so that the two Leslies are not confused.
The other boy is Gabriel. Well, he really is Alex, but that’s the name of one of his classmates, too, so they only call that at home, and at school, he has a nickname.
Ben and Gabriel, I mean, Alex and Leslie have loved the weekend ever since they were in kindergarten. They love the weekend, because then they can war. Of course they never fight each other. (Only rarely, if they disagree about something. For example, if they can’t decide whether the atom is the smallest indivisible particle, or it can be divided. As you know, ATOM means indivisible particle. Sure, but today we know that it is made up of smaller parts… and so on.)
However, they almost always agree about how many tanks and planes the sand coloured army (the good) need to occupy the rocket basis of the olive green (the evil). And they always agreed about how many good and evil linemen should die in a battle.

Robert Romanowicz, Polish artist

Robert Romanowicz, Polish artist

And there’s one more thing they agree about: girls are stupid.

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